God showed me the Future and ask me to Solve the World’s problems

I am equipped with a brain that is 10000 times the normal and is even faster than the most advanced quantum computer. God taught me everything and He command me to solve all the problems of the world. I can create an invention every hour and technologies out of this world. I can sample data and create hundreds of view to find any solution you want and know what the results is even without trying the full load. That is my secret of my extraordinary skills. All I need is the internet to watch a video, read a news report or any scientific report and identify the problem. Within 1 hour I can get you any solutions and paths or strategy you need to succeed.

This website(Patreon Website) contains all the knowledge of solving the World’s problems by using Singapore as an example. It also gives you an insight to the world of investments and what the future will be like. You need money to make money and this website does not promote speculation. Neither do we promote quick fixes and get rich quick schemes. There will be Q & A, Discussions, Comments, Video Chats from members to gain future insights on everything to reach the Perfect Economy. Every single one of my websites are different and there will not be duplication in knowledge.

The New Economy – The Perfect Economy Podcast https://www.buzzsprout.com/270429

God gave me a near impossible task. Other than need to create trillions of dollars with technology and innovations, there will be changes to everything for reforms from the Old economy to the New Economy. I have taken the very first steps to prove what I am saying and show to the World I am able to achieve all God wanted me to do to eradicate poverty. Mark my words and see the results for yourself. It took me more than 7 years of research without getting a single cent to reach where I am today(My Linkedin Profile linkedin.com/in/gilbert-tan-ts) and I am now making everything public as I need every citizens co-operation to make the economy PERFECT again. I will plan, take step by step goals and maximise resources until I reach my final destination. The World does not believe anything I say until they see REAL MONEY. Now is the time I am going to prove them WRONG. The World does not recognise me and I dun care because I do not require FAME. I will raise Billions when I setup my Non Profit(ITforNonProfitsg.org) although it is not for me as I do not need it to live a minimistic lifestyle. The work I am doing already helped millions all around the world when they create variations of my inventions I did not patent cause my intention is to create jobs for everyone by pumping billions of technology into the economy cause I do not want to make slaves out of everyone and if I need help, all I need to do is ASK. I have already achieved all I setup to do. Last goal is to link all the World’s exchanges together using BITCOIN with HFT and Super AI quantum computers and waiting for atomic swaps to be completed. What will be the future? Is it a decentralised exchange or only for contracts and payment? I am setting up my Dream Team and if you think you can contribute drop me a mail. I will make sure it will be worth your while. If you have a need of my expertise and you need help, email admin@itfornonprofitsg.org My God taught me all will be done in according to his will and we just have to be patient and wait for the right time. Just do everything you need to do and leave the rest to God who will perform his miracle least you think you are doing it with your own ability, let God`s name be EXALTED above all the world. And it will be DONE.

My First Vision

I was given a insight of, 
A fighter aircraft so advanced, 
That everything was controlled by, 
Hundreds of applications a second, 
Targeting is via, 
Using the eyes on the screen, 
And the controls are, 
Unlike anything I have ever seen, 
This aircraft is powered, 
Not by the jet engine, 
And it achieved speeds of, 
More than 10 times the speed of sound, 
The aircraft is very silent, 
But I am unable to tell, 
What fuel it uses, 
It is able to hover, 
Bank and turn, 
At a tremendous speed, 
But it is not shaped, 
Like a UFO.

My Second Vision

I was very disturbed, 
By my second vision, 
And I get paranoid, 
When someone else, 
Is able to tell what I had seen, 
It’s about Mind Control, 
The manipulation of your senses, 
The insertion of thoughts, 
The hearing of voices, 
Telling you to do the things you do, 
Until you cannot tell what is real or not, 
The introduction of virtual, 
Can be abused, 
Let’s guard against, 
The corners of our mind. 
Never believe what you hear or see, 
Cause “signs and wonders”, 
Can also be manipulated, 
Deceiving the elected too.

My Third Vision

In the age to come, 
Man will be lord over space and time, 
After the transformation, 
In a shield of Light, 
Travel will be but in a twightling of an eye. 
He who has the wisdom, 
In the coming of age, 
The Angel of Light will also teach his people, 
About aliens and UFO, 
Travel between space and time, 
Going into another dimension, 
Denying the existence of God, 
Hereby robbing you, 
A higher ground, 
Your rightful place in the universe. 
All powers and principalities, 
Are placed by God, 
The training of the elect, 
For a camel to enter, 
The eye of a needle.

My Fourth Vision

Is concerning myself, 
The journeys I got to make, 
My higher calling, 
How every member of my family, 
Will turn their back on me, 
I have given up everything, 
Very disappointed with my family, 
The cares of the material world, 
How shortsighted can they be, 
It is but spiritual warfare, 
And a mask has covered their eyes, 
If given a lifeline I can turn, 
The collapse of my business, 
A mountain of debts, 
That is artificially influenced, 
Until I don’t have a single penny, 
Even don’t have food to eat, 
They think they can control me, 
Each pushing their own agenda, 
By restricting me access to money, 
I will be forced to remain in Singapore. 
You can use money to create lies, 
But I am even greater than the elite, 
Cause I know all the Truth. 
I will leave my family, 
And will do the most drastic, 
I will turn my backs on them, 
Becoming a citizen of another, 
To another place far away, 
Providing solutions to the world, 
Solving the world’s problems, 
Only then will everything be resolved, 

My Fifth Vision

And God showed me a 3D Matrix, 
In it contained, 
All the information in the world, 
You can specify in the Matrix, 
Many ways to display the info, 
But it will always be in a cube. 
It supports multitasking, 
Many screens can be opened, 
The greatest data mining tool, 
A search engine so advanced, 
Data can be displayed, 
Even links and associations, 
In hundred of layers deep, 
What is needed can be put aside, 
The useless will be discarded, 
To find every solution and answers, 
Closest to the Truth.


My Vision of a “Perfect” market and economy

Demand can be determined before Supply, where the use of Price will determine your global market share, everything can be traded in the “New Economy” with exchanges that facilitate trading in goods and services, and the future can be determined at a future price from the present, debts can be bought and sold, like bonds with a recurring interest like dividends, where money is used to solve the world’s problems, healthcare, ageing, jobs and welfare are just factors of demand and supply, where the correct pricing mixed with a set of priorities will lower it to a sustainable level, every governments need to learn the tricks and tweaks, by studying all the best models from the world, if digital money is put in the right perspective, priorities and goals are more important, a world where there is no inflation or deflation, the access of funding with austerity measures, will help the creation of wealth with a multiplier, steady inflation will indirectly promote growth, being poor will not be a deterent, you must be able to plan and execute, all components require the endorsement of all, the co-operation of all, to build a better future, with the participation of the UN, IMF and World Bank, a world without nuclear weapons. The “New Economy” is the Age of Information, where every markets is tracked with 24 hours data to facilitate trading of goods and services 365 days a year, prosperity is for everyone, jobs for everyone, where you do not worry about putting food on the table, technology advances will benefit mankind, high growth is not an issue, if you get things right now.
When everyone realised I have the solutions to solve the Global crisis by creating Demand and GDP growth in a sustainable manner by setting priorities and goals with reforms and changes, will you seriously support the “New Economy” and Free Trade and the United Nations run by Jesus?  
The rise of the barter trade exchanges. The futures exchanges trade not only in commodities, but contracts of good and services to be delivered in the future, with easy financing and terms of default clearly spelled out, even instruments of debts can be easy traded. 
This vision can be realised within a lifetime ie less than 50 years to totally eradicate poverty from the face of this earth, trading is done every second of the day, when you need money, it can be realised almost immediately, free trade will be expanded a thousand times over, so what is high GDP growth not achieveable, a future of a “perfect” market? 

The Truth about Money

– Contributed by Oogle.


Our Mission : Teaching the World to “Fish” in the New Economy

God is omnipresent.  That means he can be anywhere and at all places at the same time and knows everything even if you do not use prayers to tell him.

God is both a scientist and a mathematician. He is an expert in technologies and he places information about himself everywhere and those who seek him will know he places bits of information everywhere throughout history for you to assemble it.

God’s challenge to mankind if you want t be Godlike and have eternal life you must first possess God’s technologies and learn how to fly to the StarGate of the Sun to pass thru time and dimensions and manipulate DNA to create life.

Our time is coming soon when everything will be revealed to mankind.

I an on a quest to find all the answers to God’s technologies, the Tree of Life,  eternal life, the ability to levitate, fly to other pats of the Universe, Stargates and Wormholes for Time travel.

We do not believe in the old world monetary system making slaves out of everybody and we intend to free the entire world by introducing a new digital currency supported by technologies provided by God to support the United Nations.

In 2012, God gave me a vision of the future, and showed me many technologies of the future which is not of this world, and I was tasked to solve poverty and diseases and gather God’s people for the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And the rules of the game is that billions of advance technologies will be revealed to me but not a single cent of money as our God is not a God of money. With God’s help I will need to gather all God’s people to achieve this aim, to make the world perfect again for Jesus to come back to rule for 1000 years.

God gave me the ability to look into the future, to study and research any info that is online, into any technology, to hack, dis-assemble and re-assemble to study it’s technologies, and create a future that most likely the technology will succeed, without wasting resources, what it take others to do years of research to achieve, I can do it in hours. I am not interested to take over any technologies and patent it, but stop patent holders from putting roadblocks to human progress. Since I started on this journey until I completed all my works in 2012 and released it freely until today, I have not received a single cent in donations to fund my works, but eventually when I start my own Non Profit, I cannot afford to do any free service.

And if I achieve this task I will be seated at the right hand of Jesus when he comes back to rule over the United Nations as an adviser, and I will celebrate my own wedding with a bride chosen by God. What a blessings I have with God who reveals all prophesies to me ahead of the time. I am going to setup my Non Profit to solve all problems in this world, I believe everyone should have access to a decent meal, and access to info and technologies with a smartphone or a laptop, and a job for everyone in this world by training them with the right skillset and hope God’s people will help me with fundraising to achieve this aim. May God bless you.

Welcome to the 1000 years of peace and prosperity where we will teach everyone how to “fish in the New Economy” even without a degree. Our aim is to help the entire world move into the millenia age where technological advances will be everywhere.

Contributed by Oogle.


The New Economy – A Brief Outlook

Preventing Destructive Competition

Most important Rule : “Never allow your customers to compare apple to apple, you will create destructive competition and will erode your profits until you cannot survive.”

You need to identify what is “Horizontal competition” and “Vertical Competition”.

Horizontal competition is having a common product like ice cream but based on different brands, different pricing, and different flavors to separate yourself from the competition.

Vertical competition is destructive competition where the customer cannot identify your product from your competitor’s causing you to lose control which will result in loss of pricing.

The highest ROI can be achieved from determining Demand before Supply, where with today’s high rent and manpower costs, nobody wants to use the traditional methods of manufacture of producing an oversupply and causing a loss of price, not maximising resources.

Fishing in the New Economy

The New Economy is a Knowledge Based Economy, where survival means you need the knowledge of the markets, a lifelong learning experience for education and never stop trying to achieve success.

It does not matter if you need to follow the traditional path of getting a University Degree, what matters is you learn a skill to make a living, and be equiped with the knowledge of markets to ensure your survival.

Never go in blindly without doing a bit of research, find out the costs of acquiring the skill, the potential of it’s marketshare or earning potential, that is the basic skills of an entrepreuner.

Always find out from the competition and it pays to diffentiate your products or services within a radius of about 2 km, the consumer will always buy from the lowest cost unless it is a service you provide.

First mover advantage. Normally those who start a trade early will have an advantage based on location, never go head to head with destructive competition, you will always lose in the end.

In business profit is always the basic motivation factor and if you can sell less to earn more, why will a manufacturer favour another who have to sell even higher quantity to earn the same profits you earn.

It is always connections or Kuan Si that will get you favourable terms with your expertise. If not why would someone will give you business and let you earn money? Unless of course you got a lot of money.

Gone are the days where only profits or money is the only motivating factor, there are social causes as well. Others maybe the connections it brings, without a knowledge of the markets, you can forget about Fishing in the New Economy.

Information on local demographics, lifestyle and Incomes are the Big Data of the New Economy. You can get great insights by looking at financial data or statistics or sampling, it will give you great advantage over identifying trends before the full impact is felt by others.

Determining Demand Before Supply

Nobody use the traditional methods of manufacture which will cause an oversupply and a drop in price.

Every manufacturer will now determine Demand first by taking orders based on a selling price which would have factored in his costs before Supplying the goods at a predetermined future date.

Therefore Demand will meet Supply to meet the highest ROI possible. Characteristics will be smaller orders at a more frequency but profits will not be eroded.

This helps the Global Economy as profits are guaranteed and many people will be willing to invest. Indirectly it will also create jobs for many people and there will be increments in salary when more profits are re-invested.

Knowing Market Dynamics

The entire global economy is like musical chairs, each country sitting on a chair with a role until it upgrades itself to another seat.

Understanding Macro and Micro Economics, can you tell the difference between domestic markets and overseas markets?

How interbank interest rates affect currency markets and the cost of money?

Hot money inflows will always goes to the most transparent economies which gives the highest ROI.

Domestic and Foreign markets, it is still Location, Location and Location

That is why you must be very familiar with the local demographics, the population, their lifestyle and their habits so as to identify the Demand and Supply of any goods or services.

It will teach you why within a certain walking distance of eg 2km if you start another shop selling the same goods and services, chances is you will not make any decent profits unless you are able to create horizontal competition.

Can you differentiate the same hairdressing services? An Indian shop charging $8 per haircut, a Fashion saloon charging $16, a Haircut chain charging $10 and another charging $3.90? What will happen to this location when correction occurs?

The Framework of Problem Solving

A person can only buy 2 homes in his lifetime, 1 to stay, another to rent out. Beyond that, he will have to pay increased capital gain tax. Rich people who can buy numerous homes should put them in a Holding company, and enjoy Tax consessions.

There should be a compulsary contribution from your salary to your retirement fund like CPF, which can be utilised for housing and healthcare.

Affordable healthcare can be achieved with insurance, and the separation of the business of providing advice and the dispensing of medication to get the lowest cost possible.

Insurance is a business of pooling of resources to solve a need. Money collected is pooled, excess monies are reinvested to get higher returns, where mortality rates and statistics determine the claims, so even expensive healthcare can be even covered if the public participates.

Retail Banking should be separated from Investment Banking based on Risk Taking to ensure stability of the Banking System where deposits are guaranteed but not risk taking.

The New Economy is a Knowledge Economy and everyone should be taught the pathway to success.

A lifelong learning experience is necessary which means you do not necessary have to get a University Education to succeed, and in your lifetime you may change your job but do not have to worry about finding a new job.

There should be Social Enterprise and Non Profit to give a helping hand on retraining and those who falls through the cracks, and the government’s responsbilty to contribute towards it.

As every country is a member of the United Nations, there will be funds from World Bank/IMF especially on Social engineering and Non Profit where every dollar contributed by governments will be matched without repayment based on needs.

But first every country needs to first endorse it and every country needs to have equal rights to have their voices heard, the end of wars and weapons of mass destruction, then peace and prosperity will prevail.

The Creation of Digital Money

Money have to be backed by Gold, or it will become Banana money, and massive inflation will cause it to lose it’s value very quickly because of loss of confidence.

QE is a temporary fix for the domestic economy as it depegs the value of the currency to Gold, causing a devaluation of the currency due to the printing of money.

The effect will be the a drop in currency value which will translate to cheaper exports but more expensive imports. It should not be used as a permanent fix as long term it will affect the debts market and your bond yield will start dropping in price until nobody wants to buy your debts.

The mechanics of Present and Future money. Inflation will help fuel asset appreciation and over the long term, money will depreciate in value but assets will appreciate. 

Due to wages not able to keep up with inflation, your future earnings to buy assets will be greatly reduced. Something needs to be done to address this issue for the salaried worker. Our children needs a future where their purchase of their homes need to be calibrated for affordability according to their future income.

Based on inflation of 2% yearly your home will increase in price by 200% in a hundred years but the increase is more acute. Do you think your children’s salary will increase by the same amount? Sadly No.

Everybody needs Oil now for energy and do you think Oil will last forever? At about US$100 per barrel will it raise to US$500 in fifty years time? Nobody can then afford it for cars anymore but aircrafts. By then we will develop Nuclear Fusion energy.

Money is used as a Tool to efficiently allocate resources. Do we need physical money in future? No. We can create Virtual money. Sometime in the future when we reached a Perfect Economy we can even have Virtual money, then No money at all when we do not need to allocate resources anymore with God as our supplier of all our needs.

Before you start clamouring to buy your house now consider this fact: Can you afford to pay your mortgage with your future earnings? What have you done to protect your future earnings?

You need to create the Climate and the Environment for Investments. If everyone in the Global economy perceives that there will not be a recovery or growth will we have future investments?

In a New Initiative without the Federal Reserve printing money, there will not be inflation or hyper-inflation, there will not be a depression or a recession, because the New World uses Digital money backed by God’s Technologies so we can use as much as we want without Governments suffering the ill effects of over printing money. The entire world will be run by the United Nations with Jesus controlling it.

So there is no Shortcut to Success. We need to solve all the problems of the Old Economy, institude reforms and bring confidence back again.

Live within your means. Never overspend.

In order to achieve Financial Success in future, you got to live within your means and never overspend. You need to have a percentage of your Income which you can save monthly to invest in yourself to get passive income. If you are living from paycheck to paycheck you are locked in the poverty cycle and can never improve your lifestyle.

My Vision of the Crypto currency markets and where it is heading

Bitcoin will always be the de-facto currency of the IMF/World Bank because of the Technology and use by the markets and the ease of access. These are the factors that affect it’s adoption.

1) No inflation, 2) Ease of conversion to other Crypto assests. 3) Control of Limited Supply.  4) Ideals of it’s core technologies. 5) Backed up by all my Technological Technologies 6) Confidence of Value.

Those who has huge controls of the global economic pie would want to control their own digital assets, creating their own versions of their digital assets like Central Bankers of

1) China (PCOB)

2) ECB (EU)

3) US and the rest of the world (XRP)

I do not control the markets and eventually the markets will decide which crypto currencies will be used in the different markets, how Central Bankers will use it for payments and settlements. Please take note the issues of supply and confidence especially of mining of these digital assets in these 3 different markets and the fragmentation of technologies used to solve problems in different assets like title deeds for real estate, cars, comodiities and debts etc. Even contents like videos and music can be digitiised and monetiised in blockchain with controls in IPs and how you want to distribute your rights for creators. It all depends on your business models.

Lastly the Laws covering different markets and the taxation of digital assets will determine the different digital assets used. There will not be a 1 solution fits all. Most likely you need to study and research the white paper to determine the suitability of the digital assets used. Facebook Libra is a stable coin is a stored value digital currency that has a global reach but due to the laws covering different markets it is unable to succeed getting licences in different markets as it needs to get virtual banking licences with governments in the different countries want to licenced and control. Libra is no different from fiat money that is why it needs to have a basket of assets to determine it’s value and it’s confidence of value. Central Bankers will always want controls over it’s use and liquidity, and same as fiat money if you start printing money more than 700% of what you have with capital controls you will cause a loss of confidence in your digital asset like fiat money. Only Bitcoin is different because it is backed by my trillions of technologies which no other digital asset has. If you understand all my logic you will understand that all the hundreds of cryto currencies that is in the markets, it’s REAL value will be it’s adoption and the technologies behind it, how widespread is it’s use to determine it’s value. All others will die a natural death. 

PS : I do not talk nonsense without proof. All my views are based on more than 7 years of study and research on all my solutions in the Global Economy, Technologies behind it, and my ability to have a vision to see the future with God’s help to provide a TOTAL solution to all the global problems with a 100% solution. Only IMF/World Bank can print unlimited supply of Bitcoin after I complete my works in mid 2020 and licenced it to the United Nations. There is only one way Facebook Libra can be adopted, like Bitcoin it needs to be unregulated and a decentralised currency, no government or private controls, and it’s business model must change, not a stable coin but a lesser global reach to control specialised markets like remittance etc, but again you got laws to regulate this, how to solve this problem to prevent yourself getting a virtual banking licence, if you solve this you will become a global player.

Contributed by Oogle.

The New Economy is a Gig Economy

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can work anywhere in the world. With Blockchain, content creator will have no fear of no income, everything you create can be monitored and monetised, millions of jobs will be created, the time you select to work, at your own pace, and you can travel the world at the same time, you do not need to stay in a fixed place paying sky high rental, nowadays it is cheaper to buy a tiny house or a motorhome that can transported to anywhere you want in the world, and it will be easily affordable. Eyeballs in Social Media do not convert to sales, and Likes at Facebook also do not, we are coming to a crossroad where everything will change, a system where the subscription will be low and nobody will mind paying for content they consume, making money for million of jobs around the world. Contributed by Oogle.

Price controls in a supply chain, it all depends on your goals

When I designed the mechanics of the New Economy, I have already understood everything in the Old Economy, how the transformation of GDP growth will be changed with the onset of the digital currency, and an expansion of Global Trade will reduce poverty, and Trading of assets and liabilities in a Global Exchange will finally bring an Economy of Abundance.

This transformation and reforms need the support of everyone, and once you understand it’s goals we will wipe out poverty in a lifetime. It is important to note that all the engines of growth must be fired, the most important is the Global corporations, SMEs and governments must be sustainable and profitable to sustain millions of jobs for everyone, no more barriers of inequality, injustice, and the ability of education to provide a pathway to success.

When you built a factory to produce goods, you need to be sustainable, you must be able to pay decent wages, and all your utilities and costs, creating jobs for everyone. This can only be achieved without destructive competition, determining the demand before supply, to get maximum profits. As you ramp up your production after you derived the profits of your first batch of goods, it all depends on your goals, the costs of providing the second batch will be lower as you lower your costs from your suppliers, eventually it will be your goals you want to achieve for profits and segments of your markets. Most important is your business models. Let me explain, I can give away free mobiles for the purpose of research and technology, at the end of the day, when I make a better product, I can charge even higher base on the new technologies and the higher demand. Contributed by Oogle.

Invest in an Asset, not a liability, with your own TimeLine,taking Risks/Return into account

Invest in an Asset, not a liability, with your own TimeLine,taking Risks/Return into account

It is very important to know that everyone’s requirements are different, everyone risk tolerance and time horizon is different, do not follow the crowd, what is good for you may not be good for another. But the basics are the same, do not buy what you cannot afford until you get returns from your Assets, one of the most stupid thing to do is keeping up with the Jones, you do not see how they get their assets, maybe they could be owing the banks millions of dollars. Do not believe in “Get Rich” schemes, those who say they get rich owing multiple properties, do you know the Risks they undertake, if a property they buy cannot be rented out, you will be faced with bankruptcy. I am not saying that will not happen, but you need perfection to execute perfection, the access to information to buy the right properties that can generate rental returns beyond your installment payments, especially if no downpayment is utilised. The access to the right information is always crucial to success. The use of the right platform is always a must. I always believe in Value Investing, and Wealth Park has all the information of companies to help you find success. Always spend time to do your own research, following the crowd will always mean you are always too late, to benefit for your own work. Having an AI platform to tell you everything about the company, it’s PE ratio, it’s dividends and it’s balance sheets, it’s potential and the direction it is heading will always give you it’s earning potential, not having access to information means you are trading blindly, 100% sure to lose money. Contributed by Oogle.

Why Price control mechanism with a range is better than tariffs or sanctions in a Free market

In order to prevent China from dumping steel products in the US, the US employed tariffs to punish and prevent China from accessing their markets. I feel that you do not have to do that. To discourage dumping of goods and services all you need is a price control mechanism with a range to protect your own domestic industry, rather than tariffs and sanctions which will seem more like protectionism. Nobody can a have Free Trade deal without trying to protect their own domestic markets from dumping by other nations. As long as you understand that you should not keep more than 30% of your domestic markets protected you can already sign a FTA. The world is not yet perfect and like the example of the African states, their agriculture markets are deeply affected by the EU states and farm subsidies that cause African produce to be not competitive enough. It is a creative solution which is up to deal making to solve this problem. Every country is different, and every markets are different, so if you have an insight to all trading activities and markets you can bypass all these problems. US is unrealistic to expect because of it’s tariffs, China will give total access to it’s domestic markets without concessions, trade-offs and bargaining.

As prices of homes in cities becomes unaffordable, there is a worldwide rapid increase of RV(Motorhomes) and tiny houses markets


There are many reasons why this trend is happening in Asean, especially China. The increase of the family income, more recreation time for family, the expansion of the camping markets, like in Hong Kong housing has grown too expensive and people are finding solutions to solve their housing crisis, smaller homes like Tiny Homes and Cardboard Homes could be solutions to lower their costs of housing. Contributed by Oogle


The Future is Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning powered by AI Architecture and hardware for Datacentres

The Andriod OS is not suited to handle multiple threads and multi-tasking well so in the future, can Harmony OS do it? The trend is for the ROM to be intergrated with RAM when the memory limitations are removed with more advanced data transmission technologies that the OS can harness. Windows 10 OS can do it but it gets more and more resource hungry and totay’s SSD still has some way to go before it can better handle rapid multitasking threads. Software will always be ahead of Hardware and the Architecture to handle millions of threads under Neuromorphic computers has yet to be defined but the closest is Intel/Nvidia solution with GPU solution for Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning which is now incorporated into Datacentres in the cloud. In the future, other playrs like IBM and Chinese chips will come in but I doubt the exposure will be great due to their limitations of softwares and applications unless there is widespread adoption by developers. Most cloud solution providers like AWS, Alibaba, Google, Microsoft at present still does not have a full suit of applications to handle AI and Machine Learning. Contributed by Oogle.