God showed me the Future and ask me to Solve the World’s problems

I am equipped with a brain that is 10000 times the normal and is even faster than the most advanced quantum computer. God taught me everything and He command me to solve all the problems of the world. I can create an invention every hour and technologies out of this world. I can sample data and create hundreds of view to find any solution you want and know what the results is even without trying the full load. That is my secret of my extraordinary skills. All I need is the internet to watch a video, read a news report or any scientific report and identify the problem. Within 1 hour I can get you any solutions and paths or strategy you need to succeed.

This website(Patreon Website) contains all the knowledge of solving the World’s problems by using Singapore as an example. It also gives you an insight to the world of investments and what the future will be like. You need money to make money and this website does not promote speculation. Neither do we promote quick fixes and get rich quick schemes. There will be Q & A, Discussions, Comments, Video Chats from members to gain future insights on everything to reach the Perfect Economy. Every single one of my websites are different and there will not be duplication in knowledge.

The New Economy – The Perfect Economy Podcast https://www.buzzsprout.com/270429

God gave me a near impossible task. Other than need to create trillions of dollars with technology and innovations, there will be changes to everything for reforms from the Old economy to the New Economy. I have taken the very first steps to prove what I am saying and show to the World I am able to achieve all God wanted me to do to eradicate poverty. Mark my words and see the results for yourself. It took me more than 7 years of research without getting a single cent to reach where I am today(My Linkedin Profile linkedin.com/in/gilbert-tan-ts) and I am now making everything public as I need every citizens co-operation to make the economy PERFECT again. I will plan, take step by step goals and maximise resources until I reach my final destination. The World does not believe anything I say until they see REAL MONEY. Now is the time I am going to prove them WRONG. The World does not recognise me and I dun care because I do not require FAME. I will raise Billions when I setup my Non Profit(ITforNonProfitsg.org) although it is not for me as I do not need it to live a minimistic lifestyle. The work I am doing already helped millions all around the world when they create variations of my inventions I did not patent cause my intention is to create jobs for everyone by pumping billions of technology into the economy cause I do not want to make slaves out of everyone and if I need help, all I need to do is ASK. I have already achieved all I setup to do. Last goal is to link all the World’s exchanges together using BITCOIN with HFT and Super AI quantum computers and waiting for atomic swaps to be completed. What will be the future? Is it a decentralised exchange or only for contracts and payment? I am setting up my Dream Team and if you think you can contribute drop me a mail. I will make sure it will be worth your while. If you have a need of my expertise and you need help, email admin@itfornonprofitsg.org My God taught me all will be done in according to his will and we just have to be patient and wait for the right time. Just do everything you need to do and leave the rest to God who will perform his miracle least you think you are doing it with your own ability, let God`s name be EXALTED above all the world. And it will be DONE.

My First Vision

I was given a insight of, 
A fighter aircraft so advanced, 
That everything was controlled by, 
Hundreds of applications a second, 
Targeting is via, 
Using the eyes on the screen, 
And the controls are, 
Unlike anything I have ever seen, 
This aircraft is powered, 
Not by the jet engine, 
And it achieved speeds of, 
More than 10 times the speed of sound, 
The aircraft is very silent, 
But I am unable to tell, 
What fuel it uses, 
It is able to hover, 
Bank and turn, 
At a tremendous speed, 
But it is not shaped, 
Like a UFO.

My Second Vision

I was very disturbed, 
By my second vision, 
And I get paranoid, 
When someone else, 
Is able to tell what I had seen, 
It’s about Mind Control, 
The manipulation of your senses, 
The insertion of thoughts, 
The hearing of voices, 
Telling you to do the things you do, 
Until you cannot tell what is real or not, 
The introduction of virtual, 
Can be abused, 
Let’s guard against, 
The corners of our mind. 
Never believe what you hear or see, 
Cause “signs and wonders”, 
Can also be manipulated, 
Deceiving the elected too.

My Third Vision

In the age to come, 
Man will be lord over space and time, 
After the transformation, 
In a shield of Light, 
Travel will be but in a twightling of an eye. 
He who has the wisdom, 
In the coming of age, 
The Angel of Light will also teach his people, 
About aliens and UFO, 
Travel between space and time, 
Going into another dimension, 
Denying the existence of God, 
Hereby robbing you, 
A higher ground, 
Your rightful place in the universe. 
All powers and principalities, 
Are placed by God, 
The training of the elect, 
For a camel to enter, 
The eye of a needle.

My Fourth Vision

Is concerning myself, 
The journeys I got to make, 
My higher calling, 
How every member of my family, 
Will turn their back on me, 
I have given up everything, 
Very disappointed with my family, 
The cares of the material world, 
How shortsighted can they be, 
It is but spiritual warfare, 
And a mask has covered their eyes, 
If given a lifeline I can turn, 
The collapse of my business, 
A mountain of debts, 
That is artificially influenced, 
Until I don’t have a single penny, 
Even don’t have food to eat, 
They think they can control me, 
Each pushing their own agenda, 
By restricting me access to money, 
I will be forced to remain in Singapore. 
You can use money to create lies, 
But I am even greater than the elite, 
Cause I know all the Truth. 
I will leave my family, 
And will do the most drastic, 
I will turn my backs on them, 
Becoming a citizen of another, 
To another place far away, 
Providing solutions to the world, 
Solving the world’s problems, 
Only then will everything be resolved, 

My Fifth Vision

And God showed me a 3D Matrix, 
In it contained, 
All the information in the world, 
You can specify in the Matrix, 
Many ways to display the info, 
But it will always be in a cube. 
It supports multitasking, 
Many screens can be opened, 
The greatest data mining tool, 
A search engine so advanced, 
Data can be displayed, 
Even links and associations, 
In hundred of layers deep, 
What is needed can be put aside, 
The useless will be discarded, 
To find every solution and answers, 
Closest to the Truth.

My Vision of a “Perfect” market and economy

Demand can be determined before Supply, where the use of Price will determine your global market share, everything can be traded in the “New Economy” with exchanges that facilitate trading in goods and services, and the future can be determined at a future price from the present, debts can be bought and sold, like bonds with a recurring interest like dividends, where money is used to solve the world’s problems, healthcare, ageing, jobs and welfare are just factors of demand and supply, where the correct pricing mixed with a set of priorities will lower it to a sustainable level, every governments need to learn the tricks and tweaks, by studying all the best models from the world, if digital money is put in the right perspective, priorities and goals are more important, a world where there is no inflation or deflation, the access of funding with austerity measures, will help the creation of wealth with a multiplier, steady inflation will indirectly promote growth, being poor will not be a deterent, you must be able to plan and execute, all components require the endorsement of all, the co-operation of all, to build a better future, with the participation of the UN, IMF and World Bank, a world without nuclear weapons. The “New Economy” is the Age of Information, where every markets is tracked with 24 hours data to facilitate trading of goods and services 365 days a year, prosperity is for everyone, jobs for everyone, where you do not worry about putting food on the table, technology advances will benefit mankind, high growth is not an issue, if you get things right now.
When everyone realised I have the solutions to solve the Global crisis by creating Demand and GDP growth in a sustainable manner by setting priorities and goals with reforms and changes, will you seriously support the “New Economy” and Free Trade and the United Nations run by Jesus?  
The rise of the barter trade exchanges. The futures exchanges trade not only in commodities, but contracts of good and services to be delivered in the future, with easy financing and terms of default clearly spelled out, even instruments of debts can be easy traded. 
This vision can be realised within a lifetime ie less than 50 years to totally eradicate poverty from the face of this earth, trading is done every second of the day, when you need money, it can be realised almost immediately, free trade will be expanded a thousand times over, so what is high GDP growth not achieveable, a future of a “perfect” market? 

The Truth about Money

– Contributed by Oogle.

God’s Knowledge will be everywhere

Nothing is perfect, but if you are able to derive results from it, with fairly accuracy, it is worth every effort you put in. Action speaks louder than words, and in this Internet age your words will be put to the test, only those that has burned with fire will come out shining as gold. I am not a mathematician, neither a professor, so there is a limit to what I can produce, but given this input, I am sure there are many others out there, who higher or above me, who can use this knowledge for the better of mankind. I welcome anyone out there who can help me complete this thesis, knowing full well I am unable to do so. I have spent more than a decade of my time on this, and like the example of the person who gave us the internet, i will not copyright but provide for free. Use this knowledge freely at your own risk.

I would give you an example and the methods used to train the mind, to exploit logical reasoning to the fullest. 

Take a primary six student, I will first design worksheets that show simple intergers, and show the relationship between the intergers. The level of difficulty increases and answers will be provided to the student to learn from mistakes. 
Next, in mid level, the student will be taught the method to compare. Finally, in the highest level, the student will be taught how to use all he has learned to apply to try to find the answer. This systematic approach trains the brain to recognise similar objects and use variations to find the solution. Finally, it is the speed test which will train the brain to find solutions in the least possible time. A series of apptitude tests could be conducted before and after this trainning session to determine if the student has absorbed it and to determine his performance. 
Using this example, it can be utilised to cover any topics or any levels, with results you could never imagine.

Concepts of Intelligence

Concepts of Intelligence

If you are to parse documents into keywords, sentences and paragraphs
Like the program of Wordpad which will highlight all the keywords
And link to a dictionary for spellchecks
If you can “understand” your breakdown
With the ability to Link and Compare
Tag with the ability to group in 4,6,8,10 zones
All the closest answers in “Yes” and “No”
With layers and layers of filters
Linking to apps to customise any answers 
It will be the prelude to intelligence
For very accurate searches and groupings
To find the exact information you want
To create links for your information
Taking away the tasks for research and study
To create “intelligence” in software
Example AutoCad, Financial, Engineering software
You can also incorporate into Office Software.
Like AutoCad software I can import any data
Process, Link and Compare any data
To create any views I want to see
Including designs, 3D views, terrian views
Including below the ground surface
Pipings, sewage, gas lines etc
Link it another subset of data to see
The typical customer, his profile and his needs
To plan for additional services like shops and supermarkets
I can create hundreds of views
To get the exact info for planning
To get a perfect view
Depending on your goals you can create an app
(3D search engine/the intelligent software)
Or incorporate it into every single one of your products 
Limitations ;
Input=garbage, output=garbage
Information must be available online
If the knowledge is unknown, I can bring you to the closest answer
A person must have basic knowledge on the topics to answer “yes” or “no”
Based on the above, it is therefore possible to create intelligence
And increase man’s capacity of the brain by 1000 times
Using the Internet, the computer with a highly efficient search and groupings
In the future, it is possible then to increase the gain of the learning curve
Until you do not need an interface anymore.

– Contributed by Oogle.

Linking and Comparing words and phrases


Comparing words and phrases


When you achieved it in machine language, you would have the tools to invent the next high level language of Intelligent programming.  

– Contributed by Oogle.

A prelude to Intelligent programming

Logic programming is, in its broadest sense, the use of mathematical logic for computer programming. In this view of logic programming, which can be traced at least as far back as Alonzo Church [1932], logical inference can be used in programming. This view was further developed by John McCarthy‘s [1958] advice-taker proposal to use forward chaining under the control of logical propositions. The Planner programming language [1969, 1971] used both forward chaining (invoked by assertions) and backward chaining (invoked by goals).[1]
However, Kowalski [2] restricts logic programming to backwards chaining in the form:

G if G1 and … and Gn

that treats the implications as goal-reduction procedures:

to show/solve G, show/solve G1 and … and Gn.

For example, it treats the implication:

The drive cab is alerted if an alarm signal button is pressed.

as a procedure that from the goal “the drive cab is alerted” generates the subgoal “an alarm signal button is pressed.”
Note that this is consistent with the BHK interpretation of constructive logic, where implication would be interpreted as a solution of problem G given solutions of G1Gn.
The defining feature of logic programming is that sets of formulas can be regarded as programs and proof search can be given a computational meaning. In some approaches the underlying logic is restricted, e.g., Horn clauses or Hereditary Harrop formulas. See D. Miller et al., 1991.
As in the purely declarative case, the programmer is responsible for ensuring the truth of programs. But since automated proof search is generally infeasible, logic programming as commonly understood also relies on the programmer to ensure that inferences are generated efficiently (see →problem solving). In many cases, to achieve efficiency, one needs to be aware of and to exploit the problem-solving behavior of the theorem-prover. In this respect, logic programming is comparable to conventional imperative programming; using programs to control the behavior of a program executor. However, unlike conventional imperative programs, which have only a procedural interpretation, logic programs also have a declarative, logical interpretation, which helps to ensure their correctness. Moreover, such programs, being declarative, are at a higher conceptual level than purely imperative programs; and their program executors, being theorem-provers, operate at a higher conceptual level than conventional compilers and interpreters.

In computer science, imperative programming is a programming paradigm that describes computation in terms of statements that change a program state. In much the same way that imperative mood in natural languages expresses commands to take action, imperative programs define sequences of commands for the computer to perform.
The term is used in opposition to declarative programming, which expresses what the program should accomplish without prescribing how to do it in terms of sequences of actions to be taken. Functional and logical programming are examples of a more declarative approach.

Procedural programming is imperative programming in which the program is built from one or more procedures (also known as subroutines or functions). The terms are often used as synonyms, but the use of procedures has a dramatic effect on how imperative programs appear and how they are constructed. Heavily procedural programming, in which state changes are localized to procedures or restricted to explicit arguments and returns from procedures, is known as structured programming. From the 1960s onwards, structured programming and modular programming in general, have been promoted as techniques to improve the maintainability and overall quality of imperative programs. Object-oriented programming extends this approach.[citation needed]
Procedural programming could be considered as a step towards declarative programming. A programmer can often tell, simply by looking at the names, arguments and return types of procedures (and related comments), what a particular procedure is supposed to do – without necessarily looking at the detail of how the procedure achieves its result. At the same time, a complete program is still imperative since it ‘fixes’ the statements to be executed and their order of execution to a large extent.
Declarative programming is a non-imperative style of programming in which programs describe the desired results of the program, without explicitly listing command or steps that need to be carried out to achieve the results. Functional and logical programming languages are characterized by a declarative programming style.
In a pure functional language, such as Haskell, all functions are without side effects, and state changes are only represented as functions that transform the state. Although pure functional languages are non-imperative, they often provide a facility for describing the effect of a function as a series of steps. Other functional languages, such as Lisp, OCaml and Erlang, support a mixture of procedural and functional programming.
In logical programming languages, programs consist of logical statements, and the program executes by searching for proofs of the statements. As in functional programming languages, some logical programming languages such as Prolog, and database query languages such as SQL, while declarative in principle, also support a procedural style of programming.
Many imperative programming languages (such as Fortran, BASIC and C) are abstractions of assembly language.

The future interface to logical programming can be intergrated to the common english language, even the formulation of mathematical assembly language can be simplified, like the complexity of different languages, all can be interconnected, interpreted and translated. Logical programming will be first interpreted in the english language, then translated to other language like chinese due to it’s difficult nouns, where the use of voice technology will connect everything together. You will get simplicity where intelligence will be intergrated for processing for all languages. In the future, intelligence programming will be the interface for all languages, where voice technology will be the UI. Someone will invent intelligence programming very soon. The Tools of Babel will intergrate all languages of the world, where you speak one language it will be interpreted on the fly, you can also use it to command any user interface. God has given me a glimpse into the future, and I have now found all my missing links. The key to unlocking this is found in the speech analysis software, where if you have the massive codes of analysis, you will find the patterns to link it to the new invention of intelligent programming. The next lifetime in the Perfect Economy, mankind will communicate using thought waves, not voice anymore, by then, we are conquerors of sickness and death. Some will directly get eternal life, or your next generation. I am only paving the way, when Jesus comes everything will then be perfect again.
– Contributed by Oogle.

Without Destructive competition, you get “real Market prices”

Without Destructive competition, you get “real Market prices”

With “Real Market prices”, you get higher wages
If Destructive competition will erode profits
Getting “Real Market prices” will ensure you get maximised profits
The “New Economy” is a knowledge based economy
Where you learn how to maximise profits
Without “Destructive competition”
Like musical chairs every country has a role to play
Every domestic economy
“Maximised profits = maximised returns”
In the end everyone get richer
This is the real “Asset Enhancement” scheme
“What goes around will come around”
Citizens get richer, pay higher taxes
Governments get richer to fund their supluses
To take care of those who fall thru the cracks
In a lifetime poverty and hunger will not exist anymore
We will then reach equilibrium “The Perfect Economy”.

– Contributed by Oogle.