Free trade : Tariffs and Sanctions are temporary measures until a Perfect Economy

The concept of Free Trade without any borders is meant for the Perfect Economy, where the Economy of Abundance and easy access to digital money will ensure that goods and services with the lowest cost will not be a main component to maximise resources when God can easily meet all those needs. Until we have a Universal Basic Income for all, there is a need to protect jobs in domestic economy and about 20% of your markets need to be protected especially in the agricultural sections to protect food security. All these info can be found in the book I am going to publish but because the world perceived differently I am writing this post to correct it. The goal to protect jobs far outweigh the costs of maximising resources for free trade. Therefore the balance of 80% of your products should not fall under any restrictions where IPs and innovations should flow freely to produce better goods and servoces to increase trade or why sign a Free Trade agreement in the first place. China is the only exception which will not follow this rule as their domestic demand has already crossed the 40% of the global markets. US needs China but Trump is stupid enough to think that China needs US in a trade war.

Contributed by Oogle.
PS I speak the truth and I based my views on facts which you can easily access from the internet and I did not receive a single cent from anyone to influence my views.