As prices of homes in cities becomes unaffordable, there is a worldwide rapid increase of RV(Motorhomes) and tiny houses markets

There are many reasons why this trend is happening in Asean, especially China. The increase of the family income, more recreation time for family, the expansion of the camping markets, like in Hong Kong housing has grown too expensive and people are finding solutions to solve their housing crisis, smaller homes like Tiny Homes and Cardboard Homes could be solutions to lower their costs of housing. Contributed by Oogle


The Future is Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning powered by AI Architecture and hardware for Datacentres

The Andriod OS is not suited to handle multiple threads and multi-tasking well so in the future, can Harmony OS do it? The trend is for the ROM to be intergrated with RAM when the memory limitations are removed with more advanced data transmission technologies that the OS can harness. Windows 10 OS can do it but it gets more and more resource hungry and totay’s SSD still has some way to go before it can better handle rapid multitasking threads. Software will always be ahead of Hardware and the Architecture to handle millions of threads under Neuromorphic computers has yet to be defined but the closest is Intel/Nvidia solution with GPU solution for Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning which is now incorporated into Datacentres in the cloud. In the future, other playrs like IBM and Chinese chips will come in but I doubt the exposure will be great due to their limitations of softwares and applications unless there is widespread adoption by developers. Most cloud solution providers like AWS, Alibaba, Google, Microsoft at present still does not have a full suit of applications to handle AI and Machine Learning. Contributed by Oogle.

My observations on what is happening to the Economy

Where ever I go, I am welcomed because I give the establishment business, and what ever I like there will be a horde of customers who also like what I like, and I teach everyone how to survive and make money, and everyone is happy.

Based on my teachings not to engage in Destructive Competition, to do your own research on the fundamentals of the global economy and domestic economy, where the basics of demand and supply can be identified in every sector, and the correct pricing to ensure maximum profits by meeting that demand, without Destructive Competition, by moving away from products and services that do not serve our bottom line.

After the renovation of Bendemeer Food Centre, I can see a Chicken rice stall has already closed out of three, and there is a new Malay stall, a few new stalls, all able to survive based on my principles. It is no point you chase after money and work 7 days a week, because ultimately your body will fail and you will lose more money paying for your hospital bills. I myself is a good example, more than 15 years back I was making more than $20k a month as a Real Estate agent, Insurance agent and Futures trader. Then what happen? In less than 1 year I got diabetes and was not able to work for more than 1 year. My ex-wife got afraid and left me. It is a lesson I will never forget. Here at the Coffee stalls, many co-ordinate their opening hours, working less than 5 days week for a work – life balance, and still making the same types of profits as there are now more customers. At the Bendemeer Shopping Centre, there are 4 shops selling Bubble Tea, and none of their products seem similar, each having their own unique customers based on the unique products they sell.

Likewise the smartphone markets are very competitive, with Huawei leading the top of the line as it’s products are even better than Apple, but at the mid and low end there is a ton of competition where customers are dazzled but cannot tell the difference anymore. Redmi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE are basically competing on the same price range and markets but customers cannot tell the difference. You need to research on the features that customers want for different markets you compete and diffentiate your product features against your competition. By taking pre-orders you will already guaranteed your profits without losing profits to create excessive supply, and the new business model is not to compete on price but collect data on how to improve your technologies and create new products the market demands.

Facebook made a few mistakes that will make it lose marketshare on Social Media. Firstly it is trying to intergrate all 3 platforms Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp into one. With a lot of concerns with what Facebook is doing and it’s controls in place, people will never trust Facebook with more. It should break up the 3 platforms but retain the same group of employee to work on the 3 platforms by giving them better incentives. Everything can be modified on the employment contracts. Facebook earnings will drop in the future but Instagram and Whatsapp will raise significantly and they are not monetising it’s adoption. On user database TikTok users will enjoy the fastest growth and many advertisers will move to this platform due to it’s reach of new customers.

Contributed by Oogle.