Why Price control mechanism with a range is better than tariffs or sanctions in a Free market

In order to prevent China from dumping steel products in the US, the US employed tariffs to punish and prevent China from accessing their markets. I feel that you do not have to do that. To discourage dumping of goods and services all you need is a price control mechanism with a range to protect your own domestic industry, rather than tariffs and sanctions which will seem more like protectionism. Nobody can a have Free Trade deal without trying to protect their own domestic markets from dumping by other nations. As long as you understand that you should not keep more than 30% of your domestic markets protected you can already sign a FTA. The world is not yet perfect and like the example of the African states, their agriculture markets are deeply affected by the EU states and farm subsidies that cause African produce to be not competitive enough. It is a creative solution which is up to deal making to solve this problem. Every country is different, and every markets are different, so if you have an insight to all trading activities and markets you can bypass all these problems. US is unrealistic to expect because of it’s tariffs, China will give total access to it’s domestic markets without concessions, trade-offs and bargaining.