Who gives a damn about lockdown when their target is me not everyone else, now I control the entire world with trillions of $$$, governments can go fuck spider


I have spiritual eyes, so  every damn incident that happens in the entire world I know the cause and effects, everyone who tries to mastermind everything for benefits and money, and I can never be controlled, never to be under anyone. Contributed by Oogle.

It is all about Money, Money and Money and trillions of $$$


I also want to play this game. In chinese it is called bao jia. Take taxpayer’s money to throw around making people think the PAP government is very good, but in fact most of all the money goes to GLCs. Then take billions of my income to flash around when in fact it should be used to finance the IMF/World Bank, and at the end LHL is still the PM, and all his kakis will be washed away and he is still the emperor without clothes, and still get to keep his billion dollars salary, I also want. Yes, now his position is elevated and he no longer makes millions but billions. He is second to none other than the boss of Amazon, the richest man in the world. Got no choice, once LHL goes everybody’s CPF also goes, let him keep Ang Mo Kio GRC uncontested, and take over all the others GRCs and SMCs for the opposition. Contributed by Oogle.

Likely impact of withdrawal of Hong Kong Special Status

Three parties are involved, the withdrawal agreement between China and UK, and the special arrangement between US and China. Most likely all the complicated issues must be settled in the International Court of Justice and it will take a long time to settle as it affects all the laws of all countries.

Stabilising the RMB$ as it will be the most affected once the peg to US$ ends. Outflows from Hong Kong is expected but can be managed by capital restrictions and better interest rates.

Enhance the Stock Exchanges of Hong Kong, ShenZhen and Shanghai by offering companies better terms to raise money in China instead of Wall Street.

Move quickly to Digital Currency to prevent inflation and stabilise the economy and create better trading opportunities.

Accord special status of Dual citizenship for those who wants to return to UK or go Taiwan but do not allow them to liquidate their assets in Hong Kong.

Real estate prices are expected to take a hit in Hong Kong, as long as proper capitals controls are in place, the effects should not be more than 30% to ensure continued investments by keeping mortgage interests low.

If you can provide stability within 3 months, the reverse will happen as investors will jump in when they see there is no effects of the US move but instead create more opportunities to make money.

Hong Kong still remains the gateway to China and anyone who wants to do business in China still needs Hong Kong.

It defies common sense. It defies training. It defies arrest policies and procedures. There was no resistance


If this happens in Hong Kong and a police officer does that to protestors, imagine the bask lash but now it is happening under your charge, Trump what are you doing about it? Contributed by Oogle.