My Vision of the Crypto currency markets and where it is heading

Bitcoin will always be the de-facto currency of the IMF/World Bank because of the Technology and use by the markets and the ease of access. These are the factors that affect it’s adoption.

1) No inflation, 2) Ease of conversion to other Crypto assests. 3) Control of Limited Supply.  4) Ideals of it’s core technologies. 5) Backed up by all my Technological Technologies 6) Confidence of Value.

Those who has huge controls of the global economic pie would want to control their own digital assets, creating their own versions of their digital assets like Central Bankers of

1) China (PCOB)

2) ECB (EU)

3) US and the rest of the world (XRP)

I do not control the markets and eventually the markets will decide which crypto currencies will be used in the different markets, how Central Bankers will use it for payments and settlements. Please take note the issues of supply and confidence especially of mining of these digital assets in these 3 different markets and the fragmentation of technologies used to solve problems in different assets like title deeds for real estate, cars, comodiities and debts etc. Even contents like videos and music can be digitiised and monetiised in blockchain with controls in IPs and how you want to distribute your rights for creators. It all depends on your business models.

Lastly the Laws covering different markets and the taxation of digital assets will determine the different digital assets used. There will not be a 1 solution fits all. Most likely you need to study and research the white paper to determine the suitability of the digital assets used. Facebook Libra is a stable coin is a stored value digital currency that has a global reach but due to the laws covering different markets it is unable to succeed getting licences in different markets as it needs to get virtual banking licences with governments in the different countries want to licenced and control. Libra is no different from fiat money that is why it needs to have a basket of assets to determine it’s value and it’s confidence of value. Central Bankers will always want controls over it’s use and liquidity, and same as fiat money if you start printing money more than 700% of what you have with capital controls you will cause a loss of confidence in your digital asset like fiat money. Only Bitcoin is different because it is backed by my trillions of technologies which no other digital asset has. If you understand all my logic you will understand that all the hundreds of cryto currencies that is in the markets, it’s REAL value will be it’s adoption and the technologies behind it, how widespread is it’s use to determine it’s value. All others will die a natural death. 

PS : I do not talk nonsense without proof. All my views are based on more than 7 years of study and research on all my solutions in the Global Economy, Technologies behind it, and my ability to have a vision to see the future with God’s help to provide a TOTAL solution to all the global problems with a 100% solution. Only IMF/World Bank can print unlimited supply of Bitcoin after I complete my works in mid 2020 and licenced it to the United Nations. There is only one way Facebook Libra can be adopted, like Bitcoin it needs to be unregulated and a decentralised currency, no government or private controls, and it’s business model must change, not a stable coin but a lesser global reach to control specialised markets like remittance etc, but again you got laws to regulate this, how to solve this problem to prevent yourself getting a virtual banking licence, if you solve this you will become a global player.

Contributed by Oogle.

The New Economy is a Gig Economy

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can work anywhere in the world. With Blockchain, content creator will have no fear of no income, everything you create can be monitored and monetised, millions of jobs will be created, the time you select to work, at your own pace, and you can travel the world at the same time, you do not need to stay in a fixed place paying sky high rental, nowadays it is cheaper to buy a tiny house or a motorhome that can transported to anywhere you want in the world, and it will be easily affordable. Eyeballs in Social Media do not convert to sales, and Likes at Facebook also do not, we are coming to a crossroad where everything will change, a system where the subscription will be low and nobody will mind paying for content they consume, making money for million of jobs around the world. Contributed by Oogle.

Price controls in a supply chain, it all depends on your goals

When I designed the mechanics of the New Economy, I have already understood everything in the Old Economy, how the transformation of GDP growth will be changed with the onset of the digital currency, and an expansion of Global Trade will reduce poverty, and Trading of assets and liabilities in a Global Exchange will finally bring an Economy of Abundance.

This transformation and reforms need the support of everyone, and once you understand it’s goals we will wipe out poverty in a lifetime. It is important to note that all the engines of growth must be fired, the most important is the Global corporations, SMEs and governments must be sustainable and profitable to sustain millions of jobs for everyone, no more barriers of inequality, injustice, and the ability of education to provide a pathway to success.

When you built a factory to produce goods, you need to be sustainable, you must be able to pay decent wages, and all your utilities and costs, creating jobs for everyone. This can only be achieved without destructive competition, determining the demand before supply, to get maximum profits. As you ramp up your production after you derived the profits of your first batch of goods, it all depends on your goals, the costs of providing the second batch will be lower as you lower your costs from your suppliers, eventually it will be your goals you want to achieve for profits and segments of your markets. Most important is your business models. Let me explain, I can give away free mobiles for the purpose of research and technology, at the end of the day, when I make a better product, I can charge even higher base on the new technologies and the higher demand. Contributed by Oogle.

Invest in an Asset, not a liability, with your own TimeLine,taking Risks/Return into account

Invest in an Asset, not a liability, with your own TimeLine,taking Risks/Return into account

It is very important to know that everyone’s requirements are different, everyone risk tolerance and time horizon is different, do not follow the crowd, what is good for you may not be good for another. But the basics are the same, do not buy what you cannot afford until you get returns from your Assets, one of the most stupid thing to do is keeping up with the Jones, you do not see how they get their assets, maybe they could be owing the banks millions of dollars. Do not believe in “Get Rich” schemes, those who say they get rich owing multiple properties, do you know the Risks they undertake, if a property they buy cannot be rented out, you will be faced with bankruptcy. I am not saying that will not happen, but you need perfection to execute perfection, the access to information to buy the right properties that can generate rental returns beyond your installment payments, especially if no downpayment is utilised. The access to the right information is always crucial to success. The use of the right platform is always a must. I always believe in Value Investing, and Wealth Park has all the information of companies to help you find success. Always spend time to do your own research, following the crowd will always mean you are always too late, to benefit for your own work. Having an AI platform to tell you everything about the company, it’s PE ratio, it’s dividends and it’s balance sheets, it’s potential and the direction it is heading will always give you it’s earning potential, not having access to information means you are trading blindly, 100% sure to lose money. Contributed by Oogle.

Why Price control mechanism with a range is better than tariffs or sanctions in a Free market

In order to prevent China from dumping steel products in the US, the US employed tariffs to punish and prevent China from accessing their markets. I feel that you do not have to do that. To discourage dumping of goods and services all you need is a price control mechanism with a range to protect your own domestic industry, rather than tariffs and sanctions which will seem more like protectionism. Nobody can a have Free Trade deal without trying to protect their own domestic markets from dumping by other nations. As long as you understand that you should not keep more than 30% of your domestic markets protected you can already sign a FTA. The world is not yet perfect and like the example of the African states, their agriculture markets are deeply affected by the EU states and farm subsidies that cause African produce to be not competitive enough. It is a creative solution which is up to deal making to solve this problem. Every country is different, and every markets are different, so if you have an insight to all trading activities and markets you can bypass all these problems. US is unrealistic to expect because of it’s tariffs, China will give total access to it’s domestic markets without concessions, trade-offs and bargaining.

As prices of homes in cities becomes unaffordable, there is a worldwide rapid increase of RV(Motorhomes) and tiny houses markets

There are many reasons why this trend is happening in Asean, especially China. The increase of the family income, more recreation time for family, the expansion of the camping markets, like in Hong Kong housing has grown too expensive and people are finding solutions to solve their housing crisis, smaller homes like Tiny Homes and Cardboard Homes could be solutions to lower their costs of housing. Contributed by Oogle


The Future is Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning powered by AI Architecture and hardware for Datacentres

The Andriod OS is not suited to handle multiple threads and multi-tasking well so in the future, can Harmony OS do it? The trend is for the ROM to be intergrated with RAM when the memory limitations are removed with more advanced data transmission technologies that the OS can harness. Windows 10 OS can do it but it gets more and more resource hungry and totay’s SSD still has some way to go before it can better handle rapid multitasking threads. Software will always be ahead of Hardware and the Architecture to handle millions of threads under Neuromorphic computers has yet to be defined but the closest is Intel/Nvidia solution with GPU solution for Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning which is now incorporated into Datacentres in the cloud. In the future, other playrs like IBM and Chinese chips will come in but I doubt the exposure will be great due to their limitations of softwares and applications unless there is widespread adoption by developers. Most cloud solution providers like AWS, Alibaba, Google, Microsoft at present still does not have a full suit of applications to handle AI and Machine Learning. Contributed by Oogle.