Conditions that will crash Wall Street in September 2020 and still is under my control

  1. Deriviatives of future Gold contracts worth US $600 trillions are not backed up by anything. By September 2020 when contracts mature and traders are left hanging in the air, you will see the collapse of the entire Wall Street, stay away for derivative instruments of Gold.

  2. Already US subprime housing markets are in trouble with many not paying their mortgages affected by the corona virus.

  3. Watch the jobless claims sky rocket and US Trump does not have a solution.

  4. Do you think the US can rob and steal and that is a solution? Just to implement a Universal Basic Income for all citizens of the world is worth trillions, if US$600 trillions you cannot solve, do not talk to me anymore.

  5. The age of the Golden Jubilee is coming and all debts are written off, accept my one condition to get rid of nuclear as you are stopping the progress of all, give up your war machine and the control of the UN, simple as that. If you put it to a national vote in the US, nobody will reject it, only you stupid Trump.

3D Search Engine with Spam Filters can BlackList or WhiteLists any contents, you no need to POFMA, eveything I can control or block

  1. The technology is already here. I use a network of machines to index the entire web with spiders for all kinds of contents to classify them, in to images, videos and all kinds of documents.

  2. Next I will create a huge database to serve all search results and store them into devices that will create huge caches for quick search results.

  3. Similar to the Great China Firewall, users do not need to see te real internet and I control or block everything will spam filters, and I can chose to update contents in real time or not by filtering everything. Bots, Automations, Algorithms can help me manage anything I want.

  4. If I want I can serve you pornogaphy or block these sites forever.

  5. The Dark web will never exits if I want to.

  6. My technology can insert meta data like <site IDs>, link picture and videos to the site, even tag addition descriptions to any contents and documents.

  7. Of course how it works I can easily teach you, but my method of  3D presentation and how I handle all these massive data will only be patented by the United Nations China.

Google I have managed to clear all your security apps including Play Store and implement Huawei’s Appstore beyond AOSP

  1. Downgrade and uninstall all upgrades to Google Play Store and leave it at factory settings

  2. Most important next is also uninstall all updates to Google Pay and leave it at factory settings.

  3. Other Google apps like Gmail, YouTube etc does not have security links as it is linked only to your email.

  4. If you face issues with internet go and reset your internet settings in your Andriod OS.

  5. Use your phone maker’s App Store as it is fully compatible with Andriod OS, if you use Huawei’s Harmony OS, you need to use their App Store which has missing Google apps, others got no issue and is 100% compatible like Brands like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi etc, all China made mobiles.

  6. I have tested until Andriod 9.0, other newer versions I have not tested but will work the same. If you do not like Google apps you can also disable them and use Huawei’s new App store, it works but is not certified as the OS is totally different.

  7. Why am I teaching you all theses? If you remove all Google Play security you do not need to input your email and pay for any charges in Google App store, because you are using your manufacturer’s App Store where most are free and there is totally no restrictions for you to install uncertified games, but bear in mind it is at your own risks.

  8. When I do this, you will not see Google charging hundreds of dollars for apps, and Google will not dominate the developers as they will not be the prevailing platform, all will now move away and competition means you will not end up paying above US$100 for one app.

  9. Google developers are still creating bloatware, most still have privacy concerns as I cannot see their business model, to create great software or sell personal info, at least Apple is different as both hardware and software is greatly intergrated and very little security issues.

  10. You tell me cannot be done and you try to hack everything I do, well I got good news for you, your iron rice bowl is now broken, better learn new skills and spread your risks, very soon, you will be replaced by a robot that can also create apps, but not on the Blockchain Technology.

I have no wish to rule the world because I already know my destiny

  1. How many people know if I do not complete my works, there is no money derived and everybody is chasing after fool’s gold.

  2. Everybody wants shortcut to money but is it money that can fall from the sky? I cannot create money from the sky and if all technologies companies do not give me inputs, there will not be outputs, then God’s plans will fail miserably as that is one of God’s rules.

  3. Not only that, God give me very clear guidelines, if the world does not give up nuclear, there is no use of God’s plans because from history mankind will still continue their mayhem, peace and prosperity will never last.

  4. There will be many people who fear reforms and changes especially the elites who will lose control, they setup tons of road blocks for me and try to take my income and meddle with everything I do, but will they succeed? No, because once everybody in the world knows their agenda, they will fail miserably.

  5. My God ask me to give everything freely based on His condition, and my God will settle with me, so I do not expect anything from the world, I will concentrate on my works to fund my own company and Non Profit.

  6. The New World Order does not have any resources or any money, how will they control anything but thru lies and deceit, does anybody already knows?

  7. So their agenda is to destroy everything that works and cause mayhem and misery and suffering, who will vote for them?

  8. I already seen the future, God’s world is a Perfect World, A Perfect Economy, The Economy of Abundance. 

  9. I pay money with my own resources to do my own work, do not think I am dumb or stupid to do your work for you or make me reveal my technologies especially you expect everything for free, on security issues nobody has in the world, you cannot afford to pay me.

What can I do with Stuxnet and AI and ML?

We have often pointed out that contrary to common belief, an attacker needs zero insider information and zero programming skills at the controller level in order to perform a Stuxnet-inspired attack against control systems. How would that be possible? Here is an example of a very simple generic attack that uses less than twenty bytes of code to achieve a calendar based loss of control; a basic logical time bomb. It’s also the most basic copycat attack that a Stuxnet-inspired attacker could come up with – and yet achieve dramatic effects.

Let’s recap what anybody who technically analyzes Stuxnet can learn from the masters of PLC hijacking:

  • How to inject rogue code onto Siemens controllers

  • How to make sure that the legitimate controller program code continues to execute

  • How to execute rogue controller code condition-based

  • How to take away control from the legitimate controller program.

From all possible attack vectors against PLCs, code injection is one of the more aggressive for several reasons. Once that the controller is infected, the IT part of the attack is no longer needed. Therefore, the attack is executing standalone even if all IT connectivity is disabled. PLC access and compromise only needs to be done once, requiring network traffic that takes just seconds.

At first sight, items two and three of the bullet points above may appear like a miracle because a controller is a single-tasking system. Within such a simple environment, how could one achieve to get an additional code sequence in place that runs quasi in parallel to the legitimate code, and at some point in time disables the legitimate program for deliberate periods of time? The developers of Stuxnet figured out a very clever and effective solution for this problem. They simply injected their code at the very beginning of the main sweep (OB1), in front of the legitimate code. Thereby rogue code is called at the beginning of every cycle, and that rogue code can decide anytime to disable legitimate code by simply calling a BEC (block end conditional) directive. The BEC directive results in code execution jumping back to the beginning of the operation block, thereby skipping and effectively disabling any code beyond the BEC directive. The attacker has total freedom in defining a condition that would trigger the jump to the beginning. In Stuxnet’s case, the condition was based both on timing and on process conditions.

How much insider knowledge would an attacker need in order to write rogue code for a significant attack, and how complex would such rogue code have to be? The answer is quite simple: The most basic and still effective attack uses ZERO lines of code for manipulating outputs, therefore requiring zero insider knowledge. It simply freezes outputs by doing nothing. (IT folks could think of it like performing a NOP directive in place of legitimate program code.) Here is why that’s quite a banger for process control. The physical process that is controlled by a controller operates in realtime according to the laws of physics. Now if the controller’s electrical outputs are frozen, the mechanical, hydraulical, chemical characteristics of the process don’t freeze too – they simply run wild, out of control. So for example drives continue to rotate, pumps continue to pump through valves that continue to be open – a recipe for creating scrap product and material damage. If this occurs not only at one station (= controller), but at multiple stations simultaneously, it is easy to end up with damage that might take the victim days to recover from.

In order to explain how easy this can be done, let’s see how this translates into controller code. Here is some sample Step7 STL source code:

      L     LD    12
L     DW#16#11122500

Four lines of code, that’s it. As a trigger condition, the present date and time is used in this example. For every call of OB1, the execution environment passes the present date and time as a parameter on the stack, so no system function call is needed. In our example, the trigger condition used is Christmas Day 2011, which is simply loaded into the accumulator alongside with the present date and time. Thereafter, a comparison is done. As soon as the controller’s internal clock goes to Dec 25, outputs are frozen because the BEC directive skips execution of legitimate control logic. Certainly an attacker can use any date and time he wants to, depending on the message that is going to be communicated, or he can simply use a random trigger condition that might even be reset after several seconds, thereby making the attack more stealthy and maintenance engineers going crazy.

After compiling the sample STL code shown above, the following MC7 byte sequence results:

7E 63 00 0C 38 07 11 12 25 00 39 A0 05 00

Now all the attacker has to do is to insert these fourteen bytes in front of the legitimate program code in OB1. Stuxnet is exploit code in the wild that shows how this is done. The copycat attacker just has to isolate the sequences in Stuxnet where OB1 code is downloaded from the controller, and where it is uploaded to the controller. The upload would simply prefix the downloaded image with the byte code shown. However, a lazy attacker wouldn’t even need to analyze Stuxnet’s operation in order to copy the attack vector; it’s sufficient to understand the concept. Thereafter, the required network communications can be analyzed simply by experimenting with the vendor’s engineering software.

When implementing such an attack, a Stuxnet-inspired attacker from the hacker community would most likely not even think about using the vendor’s driver DLL (s7otbxdx.dll). Anybody familiar with Wireshark (most hackers are) would simply monitor network traffic between the engineering software and the controller and implement a custom load module that does neither require the vendor’s driver DLL nor the presence of the engineering software in the victim network. As demonstrated recently and promoted at hackers’ conferences, hackers are becoming aware of these vulnerabilities and might soon have Metasploit modules with basic functionality available, freely downloadable from the Internet. We encourage asset owners to not just sit and wait until that happens.

What will happen next?

The biggest meeting of World Leaders of the United Nations will meet in Singapore. Social distancing all will be ignored because of crisis. These are the agendas :

1) A One World Government.

2) The nuclear ban treaty will be brought to life.

3) Funding for IMF/World Bank to assist all countries affected by corona virus and the funding of all UN programmes.

4) A Digital currency adopted by IMF/World Bank? All other countries will specify their use of Digital currencies and atomic swaps will make it easily convertable.

5) Welcoming North Korea to the Global economy when they give up nuclear.

6) Lifting of sanctions and bans against all member countries.

7) The introduction of all new technologies for The New Economy and the creation of millions of jobs for every member country to participate.

8) US will back down from the Leadership of the UN as they cannot afford to contribute, and China will take over, using China Defence Force as the defacto peace keeping force.

9) The discussion of the merger of all World Trading exchanges to be merged into a One Global market for trading every kinds of instruments 24/7 365 days a year.

10) The expansion of FTAs and trade agreements with every countries welcoming the New Economy and how to get rapid growth.

My views on the One World Government


1) There is no way you can now stop the One World Government, but it maybe different from the New World Order and here are the reasons.

2) There is no money to fund the New World Order, just implementing a Universal Basic Income takes trillions of dollars, where the money comes from?

3) All countries in the world needs money, and with trillions of technologies to back IMF/World Bank, this can be easily done, or else where the money comes from? Deceit and lies from the New World Order? It will never happen.

4) I do not think a One World Religion will succeed now, too many fractions of religion and nobody has the power except Jesus Christ. This will only succeed when my Lord comes back.

5) For economic reasons, I also do not expect a One World Digital Currency to succeed, it will be in different Digital Currency depending on the use and trade, even IMF/World Bank will not succeed as the world of politics is divided and nobody can claim credit for it unless the AntiChrist comes and force everybody’s hands.

6) The US and it’s allies trying to make XRP (Ripple) as a global currency will fail miserably, simply because the US currency is now not the defacto $, there may be a fraction of a few Digital Currencies used in the world, and my job is to let the market decide, ultimately it will change when even the crypto standards will change without the use of keys, when everything is controlled by the Algorithm’s secrets that cannot be hacked.

7) Everybody in the membership of United Nations will be given 2 choices, the choice to chose your country’s leaders, and the freedom to chose your religion, God will not interfere with that.

8) As such is there a need for every country to have their arm forces? United Nations China will be the caretaker where the China Defence Force will the peacekeeping force of the world. There is no need for nuclear anymore and it will be banned, all military wasteful spending will then be redirected for peaceful means.

9) God’s plans are perfect and it will and bring The Perfect Economy, the Economy of Abundance, and after building the fastest Neuromorphic computers it will greatly create opportunities with Blockchain 3.0 for the next generation internet, which is unhackable and will bring a Worldwide Trading system where you can trade 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and there will be no lack of resources to raise money.

10) When all these happens and when there is no lack of resources, I would have solved Global poverty forever, no more slums, no more worry about jobs and a roof over your head, and no more worry about food, energy or water.

I have all the evidence I already made millions from the sale of my book, my Indiegogo projects, my Patreon websites and donations and unless my income is returned back to me, I will be in lockdown and I will refused to work and nobody will move forward. Only Elm Church AOG Singapore I cannot be bothered, I consider it as donations as I wanted to help them in the first place, all debts are written off.